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MDC-T activist assaulted


An MDC-T activist, Robert Bizure (53), is recovering at a private clinic after he was assaulted by unknown assailants on Tuesday evening, alongside several other party activists.

The violence occurred in Mbare and Sunningdale.
In a dramatic turn of events however, the MDC-T alleged six of the victims were arrested after the assailants rushed to Stodart Police Station in Mbare to make an assault report.

Jomic spokesperson Joram Nyathi confirmed receiving the report, and said the body tasked with monitoring GPA implementation would investigate the incident.

The MDC-T suspected its political oponents could have been behind the violence on their supporters.
However, Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said there was a high probability that the allegations were false.

“They (MDC-T) are preparing for the Sadc summit (in Angola) and each time there is a summit they come up with such allegations. I haven’t received any report to that effect,” he said.

But, MDC-T spokesperson for Harare Obert Gutu was adamant, a group of 20 suspected Zanu PF activists reportedly went to an MDC-T activist’s house in Sunningdale and assaulted her demanding that she hands over all the party regalia she had in her possession.

“They then force-marched her to Mr Bizure’s house, where they threatened to kill him if he refused to hand over party regalia. He stood his ground resulting in them assaulting him with fists, logs and an assortment of weapons,” he said.

“Thereafter, they forcibly removed his trousers and forced him to walk, probably to humiliate him.”
Gutu said the assailants went to Mbare where they assaulted several other MDC-T supporters before going to the home of another activist only known as Rakabopa, whom they heavily assaulted.

He said the MDC-T supporters went to Stodart Police Station to report the matter, but when they arrived there, the Zanu PF activists had already made a report, resulting in six party supporters being arrested.

Police spokesperson for Harare Inspector James Sabau said he did not have information as he was preparing for the Harare Agricultural Show. He referred questions to Superintendant Oliver Mandipaka, who requested for time to establish the facts. He was, however, not available later yesterday.

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