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Zanu PF shenanigans stifle GPA — MDC-T


The MDC-T national executive committee yesterday said full implementation of the Global Political Agreement was being stifled by alleged Zanu PF shenanigans.

The former opposition party’s highest decision-making body, which met in Kwekwe over the weekend, also demanded an end to all so-called military deployments in rural areas.

According to a statement released yesterday, the party discussed various national and international issues including strategising ahead of the Sadc summit in Angola this month.

Part of the statement reads: “The MDC-T realises that the full implementation of the GPA is being frustrated by Zanu PF and President Robert Mugabe and that pressure must be brought on (President) Mugabe to implement the GPA in full.

“There is need for real change and proper realignment in the security sector to ensure that the will and the vote of the majority are not undermined by individuals and the sanctity of life is respected.”

The party blasted the country’s security service chiefs for their failure to unequivocally uphold the Constitution of Zimbabwe and the rule of law by respecting the winners of all elections in Zimbabwe.

Recently, Parliament was also seized with debate on service chiefs’ alleged unconstitutional remarks where they insinuated they would not salute any political leader without liberation war credentials.

“Zanu PF is abusing the security forces in order to protect certain individuals within its ranks. The country’s service chiefs should issue a public statement that they will unequivocally uphold the Constitution of Zimbabwe,” the MDC-T said.

“They work and lobby for Zanu PF as though they are on the party’s payroll. The people of Zimbabwe need peace, they need a security force they can trust, a force that respects them, and a force that respects the need to protect an individual and uphold human rights,” said the statement.

The party singled out staffing at the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and alleged State-sponsored violence as key factors affecting the election roadmap.

“The national executive resolved that the party would not compromise on these issues and that we will not take part in any election that is a declaration of war on the people of Zimbabwe,” concluded the statement.

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