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Joyous Celebration entertain fans


Hundreds of gospel music enthusiasts thronged Queens Sports Ground on Sunday afternoon to watch South African internationally-acclaimed choir Joyous Celebration.

At first, fans’ patience almost wore thin after they were made to wait for three hours before the arrival of the choir. The stadium then roared into life when a motorcade carrying the huge choir arrived.

Their fans, who for long had been standing at a distance, suddenly surged forward and within minutes, the arena was packed to capacity as people jostled for a vantage point to watch the renowned gospel choir.

“We are sorry about the delay to the start of the concert. The organisers were still sorting out a few hitches. We thank you for being patient up to this time,” said the announcer before being drowned out by the shouts of joy when he told the crowd that their favourite choir was about to go on stage.

Dressed in pink robes, the group received a standing ovation as they immediately burst into song.

They kicked off with the worship song Wait on the Lord. The choir also performed hits such as Yehla Moya, Uphakeme and Praise Him, among others as the lead vocalists took turns to front the talented choir.

Their singing is harmonious and their songs have a message of hope and restoration.

Their lead singers were very energetic, jumping up and down and leading their fans into dance as they also gladly sang along to the music whose lyrics they knew very well.

The choir also sang in English, Zulu and Sotho. They even adapted some songs from the Motown era and turned them into gospel songs.

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