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Moyo, Byo residents clash over deindustrialisation


State Enterprises and Parastatals Minister Gorden Moyo has been accused of reportedly attempting to usurp MDC leader Welshman Ncube’s task to probe the deindustrialisation of the city.

Some residents accused Moyo, who is also MDC-T provincial chairperson, of setting up parallel structures to investigate closure of industries in Bulawayo.

Moyo was grilled over the matter by irate residents at a meeting organised by Bulawayo Agenda at Small City Hall over the weekend.

Several residents accused Moyo of seeking to decampaign Ncube by hijacking the project.
Ncube leads an inter-ministerial taskforce probing the deindustrialisation of the city where an estimated 87 companies have reportedly closed shop over the last few months.

Recently, MDC-T Bulawayo province formed a committee to investigate deindustrialisation, a development which most residents described as duplication of the duty given to Ncube.

Said one resident: “The government recently appointed a task force led by Professor Ncube to probe the issue of Bulawayo de-industrialisation.

“Why is it that recently, we heard that you (Gorden) Moyo and your party have formed parallel structures to do the same job? Is it that you are fighting against Ncube, you hate him and you are competing with him? Why do you ministers and political leaders from this region not support each other on issues of development?”

But Moyo shot back, saying: “When I was invited to this meeting, I was invited to speak as minister of the government of the Republic of Zimbabwe not for my political party. I will not be stopped by anyone on issues concerning devolution and the development of Matabeleland. If you think that you can stop me on these issues, forget.

“For that matter, Ncube, who you are talking about is my brother. After all, why should I fight against him?”
Moyo said his party would submit its findings to Ncube’s committee.

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