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MDC-T Obert Gutu rise


Justice and Legal Affairs deputy minister Obert Gutu has been appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador for The Africa Heritage Society (AHS) a respected Pan-African oriented organisation.

Gutu, who is also the MDC-T spokesperson for Harare province, has accepted the appointment.
He was appointed the Goodwill Ambassador for Justice and will help lead the fight for platinum rights, an initiative seeking to bridge the knowledge, capital and execution gaps which exist in Africa.

AHS is a non-profit association of corporate and individuals whose principal aim is to put Africa and its various interests at the centre of business strategy. It also seeks to understand, shape, document and promote best business practices on the continent.

According to the AHS mission statement, it considers vital the issues of sustainable profitability, social responsibility and black empowerment, all resting on a full and clear understanding of the African experience, history, values and environmental concerns.

A week ago AHS gave Malawi’s former president Bakili Muluzi the role of African Goodwill Ambassador and Messenger of prosperity, justice, democracy, human and property rights of the respect for the rule of law, to help lead the fight for platinum rights.

Muluzi was honoured for his role in bringing multi-party democracy to Malawi through peaceful means.

In appointing Gutu, a lawyer by profession, AHS executive director, Phineas Tichana said: “As Goodwill Ambassador you will be expected through public appearances, contacts with the international media and humanitarian work, to help build bridges that are vital in expanding the knowledge of others regarding what it takes to build a prosperous and free Africa.”

Since its formation in 2003, AHS has become respected in Africa as an effective knowledge builder.

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