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Tryson Chimbetu contends for dendera crown


The Chimbetu family is well-known for its expertise in dendera music that was founded by the late Simon Chimbetu and the new generation of musicians from the family has shown that it has all that it takes to keep the genre alive.

While Sulumani is undoubtedly the most popular of the musicians in the family, Tryson, who is son to the late Naison has shown that he is a serious contender to the dendera crown.

The young musician has been fortunate to get assistance from promoters and fellow musicians that have slotted him in at big shows.

His participation at crowd-pulling events has seen his fanbase steadily growing while his stage confidence and choreography have massively improved.

Tomorrow, he shares the stage with Tongai Moyo at Magamba Hall in Warren Park. Tryson said the show was one of the many gigs in which promoters and fellow musicians had shown great faith in him and roped him in as a supporting act.

“I have travelled with Alick Macheso to most parts of the country over the past year and I have also worked with Moyo on several other shows,” said Tryson.

“It is encouraging to note that promoters and fellow musicians of their stature believe that we can keep their huge crowds entertained even when the main act of the day is yet to appear on stage. The response that we have been getting at shows is encouraging and I thank the fans for their support.

“I have seen situations were supporting acts have been booed off the stage, but that has never happened to us and we have gained confidence with every show that we do.”

Show promoter for tomorrow’s gig, Joseph Munyebvu, said he had confidence that Tryson could hold his own in any big show.

“He has been doing very well and all the shows that I have attended when he is playing have been good. I admire the young man for his consistency and good stage act.

He has been improving with time and I am sure that is why many other promoters have invited him to their shows,” said Munyebvu.

On Sunday, Tryson will also be part of another major show taking place in Harare.

Besides providing supporting acts to established musicians, Tryson has also staged solo shows in various joints in the capital.

His album Bvamuroad has been doing well at Gramma Records charts.

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