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Spanish Embassy takes popular play to Masvingo


The Embassy of Spain will take a titled Mutambo Wapanyika to Youth Cultural Arts Festival of Masvingo that begins today at Charles Austin Theatre at Civic Centre.

The play is the only Spanish production translated into Shona language by a Spanish priest and first published in Zimbabwe in 1958.

It was written by Pedro Calderón de la Barça who is one of the most important playwrights of the Spanish Golden Age.

Calderón is known to be one of the most relevant playwrights in Spanish literature.

He shares with Don Quixote the merit of putting Spanish literature at the top of European literature in what is considered the Golden Age of Spanish culture of all times.

Mutambo Wapanyika (The Great Theatre of the World) belongs to the sacramental genre and is a reflexion about life, religion and death.

The play has been co-directed by the prestigious Zimbabwean playwright and director Stephen Chifunyise, produced by Chipo Basopo, Clayton Ndlovu and Belinda Mufute.

It is performed by a group of young and dynamic actors from Chipawo´s New Horizon Theatre Company.

“The Embassy of Spain has had a very successful and productive relation with Chipawo since December of last year, when the play was performed for first time at the Zimbabwe College of Music. After a very successful debut, the Embassy celebrated the commemoration of the Africa Day at the Mufakose 1 High School on May 27 were more than 800 children of the area where part of the audience,” said Marina García, Cultural Attaché at the Embassy of Spain in a statement.

“Continuing with the initiative and seeing the great reaction by the young students, the Embassy commemorated the African Child Day with a tour in various schools of high-density areas of Harare. The shows were attended by around 600 students each. All these performances clearly confirm that Chipawo and New Horizon Theatre Company are a very serious and committed organisation and where they go, it will be a day full of fun, education and interchange.”

The Youth Cultural Arts Festival of Masvingo will feature high schools from most of the provinces in Zimbabwe, youth groups, professional theatre groups and other art forms including dance, music, poetry.

The theme of the festival is “Towards professionalising the Arts”.

It will express the voices, concerns, hopes and aspirations of the young people particularly children through dance, drama, music, poetry, puppetry, theatre, and film.

The main objective is to encourage young people to ‘steam off’ on the deeper issues concerning them and contribute to influencing policy-makers to engage children and young people’s issues more through arts and culture.

Mutambo Wapanyika will be performed on Saturday.

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