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Mathema, Dakamela embroiled in fight


Bulawayo Metropolitan governor Cain Mathema and Zanu PF provincial chairman Isaac Dakamela have reportedly clashed over wearing of party regalia during the forthcoming Heroes Day celebrations.

Party sources yesterday said the duo clashed after Mathema told party members at a provincial coordinating committee meeting at Davies Hall no members were allowed to wear their party regalia during the commemorations set to be held at Bulawayo Provincial Heroes Acre.

Mathema is also alleged to have blocked Dakamela from attending the provincial Joint Operations Command (JOC) meetings held in the city every Monday.

JOC is mainly made up of heads of security agencies in an area and presidential representatives such as governors.

Contacted for comment yesterday, Dakamela would neither deny nor confirm the rift.

“Where did you get that information? Let those who gave you that information comment,” he said.
Mathema also declined to comment, saying he did not attend the weekend party meeting.

“I won’t comment because I was not there at the meeting you are talking about,” he said. “I don’t know what they were talking about, but no one has approached me about the matter.”

On his alleged ban of party regalia during the Heroes Day celebrations, Mathema said: “Again I will not comment because I do not know what they were talking about, but that is a State function and I guess you know what is done at State functions.”
However, party insiders told NewsDay Dakamela said he once tried to have the matter of his alleged exclusion from JOC meetings discussed during a Zanu PF meeting in Harare, but was blocked by Mathema.

“Dakamela told the meeting that he once inquired on the JOC meetings, usually held on Mondays, but Mathema told him he should only come on Tuesdays to get a briefing on the meetings.

“On the banning of party regalia at Heroes Day celebrations, Dakamela said Mathema had argued that we are in an inclusive government, hence attending a State function dressed in party colours would not be proper. Dakamela also told the meeting that he had never seen Mathema wear party regalia at any event,” one insider said.

Dakamela recently angered party youths when he condemned the invasion of a city building owned by an Indian businessman.

Recently, Zanu PF youths accused Dakamela of accepting bribes from the Indian and white communities for protection, a charge he has vehemently denied.

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