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Senator adamant on curbing men’s sex drive


Matobo Senator Sithembile Mlotshwa remains adamant men should be injected to reduce appetite for sex and vowed not to be cowed into silence as the HIV and Aids scourge was a serious issue that had to be tackled head-on.

She said other methods had failed to address the problem.

Mlotshwa first made the remarks two weeks ago in Parliament contributing to debate on HIV and Aids, attracting the ire of human rights proponents who view her suggestion as discriminatory, with some describing her as “illiterate”.

In an interview in Maphisa on Saturday, Mlotshwa, whose constituency is in Matabeleland South, said she saw no problem with her suggestion as statistics on the ground showed an increase in new HIV cases, especially in Matabeleland South province.

She said the province recorded 7 400 new infections, which she said meant that methods being used at the moment were ineffective.

“I looked and saw that the province had recorded a high percentage of new infections and it means that all these ways that we are using are not working, hence my suggestion,” said Mlotshwa.

“It’s just a suggestion and not a law, which scientists could explore. If you look at women biologically even if they are injected there is nothing that can stop men from having sex with them, but if you inject men everything stops.”
Mlotshwa said the injection would not be mandatory, but would be used voluntarily.

“Why not have the injection in shops like condoms and men themselves voluntarily use it and not be forced to do so? No government should be stopped from providing new methods to its people to avert a crisis,” said Mlotshwa.

She said the criticism she received after her contribution in Parliament was a wake-up call to her.

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