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Pay 50-60% of estimated Zesa bills — Mangoma


Energy and Power Development Minister Elton Mangoma last Wednesday told Parliament Zesa customers who did not have meters and were given estimated bills can pay between 50% and 60% of their monthly charge.

Mangoma made the remarks while responding to a question by Pelandaba-Mpopoma lawmaker Samuel Khumalo, who wanted him to explain his ministry’s position regarding Zesa’s actions in forcing unmetered clients to pay bills in full, yet they did not receive regular electricity supplies due to load-shedding.

Khumalo also asked the minister to explain why there were high electricity tariff rates that could not be afforded by most Zimbabweans considering their meagre incomes.

“The issue of Zesa being seen as forcing unmetered clients to pay bills in full is something that has occupied my attention and I am glad to advise customers who do not have meters that they can pay a proportion of their monthly amount, and we estimated that figure to be between 50% and 60% of their charge and that is now the current policy,” said Mangoma.

He said the electricity tariff costs in Zimbabwe were lower than the rest of the region.

“As I speak now, the current tariff charge in Zimbabwe is the lowest in the region. It is not possible to say this tariff can be sustained into the future, but what we are working on is to make sure that the way the tariff is structured is a situation where the consumer decides how much they want to pay for electricity,” Mangoma said.

“We are looking at the introduction of pre-paid metres, which will be able to indicate and regulate how much a person can afford and therefore can use. It will be very possible for poor people to decide what they want in terms of electricity.”

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