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Masowe Echishanu UK take a cappella to another level


A new United Kingdom-based choral group Masowe Echishanu UK has brought a new dimension to gospel music.

The group recently released a five-track album titled Yeso Arikushevedza which is making waves here and abroad. The album is a complete a cappella package that does not involve clapping of hands or congas.

According to one of the group members, Madzimai Junior Mutasa, a cappella music appeals more to the heart than music with instruments. It is spiritual praise and worship, touching on the human journey to salvation.

“We sing a cappella at church because of the seriousness of it and more; it helps one in meditating on the word of God. This is not at all to suggest that those who use instruments are doing the wrong thing, but that it is part of our doctrine,” said Mutasa.

She said they shared ideas with believers from other denominations and they all worshipped the same God.

Another member of the sect, Madzimai Lyndiwe Mabote, said their music is all about reminding the world to repent.

“We want the world to repent. The song, Handidi Kuenda Kugomba Remoto, which reminds people that heaven is real and so is hell, is an advice to people to make wise choices,” said Mobote.

The album consists of tracks like Simabhi Usandikanganwe, Simabhi Means God, Mwari, Unkulunkulu, Yeso Arikushevedza, iHossana Hossana and Handidi Kuenda Kugomba Remoto.
The album is a spectacular release and it is no surprise that it has stolen the hearts of many a cappella music followers.

Masowe eChishanu UK comprises of more than 300 members all based in five different towns and cities namely Southend, Luton, Coventry, Nottingham and Leeds.

Masowe Echishanu is different from other apostolic sects in that they do not use the Bible at church and they are against polygamy.

“We do not use the Bible at church though we do read it at home. To avoid confusion, I should stress that this is our doctrine. We do not judge, but we will continue preaching the holy matrimony of one husband and one wife,” said Mutasa.

She said Masowe eChishanu emphasises that if anyone desires to hold a church position they must be a person of integrity, high moral standing, blameless, vigilant, sober, good behaviour, given to hospitality and apt to teach and lead by example.

The group said it wanted to spread the gospel through this album, which has been availed to the UK market and back home.

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