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Beating the cold weather


It is this time of the year that a lot of things get awry. As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, even the best of us can get a little down.

The worst that one can get is a cold, flu, cough and fever, especially if you work around people. Preventing that from happening to you is not only for the best, but also for the good of those around you.

Imagine someone sitting next to you coughing and sneezing! What gets into your mind is you might be next and this is usually depressing.

There are some home remedies that you can try if you want to help your self off the winter blues and these are:

For colds:
Drink plenty of water
Drink herbal teas with ginger, thyme or garlic
Drink Vitamin C enriched juices especially freshly squeezed oranges
And keep you self warm by putting on warm clothes.

For coughs:
Coughs vary and these can be productive and non productive. A productive cough — also known as chesty cough — is usually due to a viral or bacterial infection.

This type of cough expels the phlegm which has formed in respiratory passages, so that abnormal mucus and germs are eliminated from the respiratory tract and breathing becomes easier.

Non-productive coughs are dry, tickling and irritating. Such coughs can for example be caused by phlegm that is so viscous it is not loosened and expectorated.

The type can also have an allergic or neurotic origin or can be caused by other perhaps more severe diseases. Here are some home remedies on getting rid of the cough:

Breathe hot vapours by taking boiling hot water and covering your head with a towel making sure that you don’t burn. Eucalyptus or thyme leaves can be added to the hot water.

For irritable coughs, onions can help to stimulate secretions. They will keep air passages moist thereby soothing them. It is difficult to fall asleep with a blocked nose and this is how you can reclaim your sleep; breathe in whiffs of Vicks or Tiger Balm.

You can also use onions by cutting them into pieces and keeping them on the bedside when you sleep.
l If you can’t afford to buy a cough syrup there is room to make your own by mixing one part of honey with one part of lemon juice and a part of 40% cane spirit.

Shake it well and you can drink a full teaspoon when you need to sooth and relieve your throat.

However when you realise that the cough is getting worse and there is sputum then they might be need to visit a doctor to check if it is anything more than just a cough.

Winter blues do not only come with colds, cough and flu. Most people gain a lot of weight. Most of the times people prefer to be indoors cuddling in their blankets and all they have to do is eat more and drink more in an effort to stimulate their body temperature.

What happens is the food that we eat is supposed to be used by our bodies when working and once that is not utilised it accumulates into fat and that is when weight gain begins. Two tips on making the best out of winter:

As if you needed another reason to get fit! Exercise isn’t only for maintaining your weight and staying healthy. It stimulates your body thereby making you feel warmer during and after the exercise. It can be done in the comfort of you own home with family . . . a good excuse to jump around in your living room.

Embrace the season
Instead of always resenting the cold season, look for the best that it has to offer! Staying active will boost your energy and you will see winter in a positive light. Create your indoor games. Have time to be with your children and friends.

Moreover, enjoy these opportunities while they last, besides, winter comes once in a year.

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