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Zapu, Zipra officials conduct traditional pilgrimage


A Zimbabwe African People’s Union (Zapu) and its former military wing, the Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (Zipra) delegation recently conducted a spiritual pilgrimage at Mambo shrine in Bubi district as part of their national healing programme.

Zapu spokesperson Methuseli Moyo confirmed the pilgrimage yesterday.

“I can confirm there are people from the party who visited the hill. We could not block them because as a party, we accept all forms of religion. We tolerate all forms of spirituality.

“We also have close liaison with chiefs and church leaders. So whatever they advise us to do we will always listen and take their advice, be it traditional or religious. We will never object to any party member, or any person for that matter, practicing their faith,” he said.

Earlier this year, the Zipra Veterans Trust, running a peace building project around the country, visited Chief Malisa in the Midlands where they were reportedly advised to visit the shrine and present their case “if they want true peace”.

“Chief Malisa is a descendant of the Mambos, the one-time rulers of this country. They are therefore the custodians of that holy hill in Bubi.

The chief advised the war veterans that if they want meaningful peace, they must go and present themselves at the shrine as ex-combatants.

They came back and reported to the party (Zapu) and asked for permission and it was granted,” said an ex-Zipra cadre who formed part of the delegation.

Senior party officials that made the trip included the secretary for security Ekem Nkala and secretary for culture and spiritual affairs Melusi Gumbo, who is a traditional leader in Tsholotsho and other provincial members of the party.

“The delegation went to the hills with a beast donated to them for the offering.

“Part of the ritual was that they should sleep overnight and were told that in the morning they would see a baboon and fish eagle bird, and that would mean their offering had been accepted.”
Moyo said the delegation did witnessed the traditional spectacle.

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