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Schoolgirl ‘rises from the dead’


A Sixth Form pupil (name supplied) from Mount Pleasant High School in Harare was certified dead at a private hospital in Harare after collapsing at her home on Friday, but miraculously regained consciousness on Saturday after spending a night in a mortuary.

The school authorities had earlier sent the girl home so she could get treatment after she had complained of a severe headache. She reportedly collapsed while at home, resulting in her being rushed to a medical centre in the Avenues.

“It appears she had not died, but had fallen into a comma and she regained consciousness while in the mortuary, perhaps because of the cold. Fortunately an attendant heard her coughing and assisted her,” said a teacher at the school.

“She even came to school yesterday, and initially some pupils were afraid of her, but they later relaxed after the school authorities assured them it (the mishap) was normal. She was also called to the headmaster’s office where she was counselled and congratulated on her escape.”

The school head, who was identified as Chari, refused to comment on the matter or allow the girl to be interviewed referring all questions to her parents. They could, however, not be located.

Cases of people gaining consciousness in the morgue after being certified dead are quite common and in most cases doctors would have erred.

Yesterday, a news report from South Africa said a man spent 21 hours inside a morgue after he was mistaken for dead.

The man from Eastern Cape was last Saturday (the same day the Mt Pleasant girl “rose from the mortuary” placed in a morgue only to wake up screaming the following day, (Sunday afternoon) and demanding to be taken out of the refrigerator.

He was then hospitalised and discharged on Monday.

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