Prolonged erection for rapist

There was drama yesterday after a rape suspect appeared at the Bulawayo Regional Court clutching to his manhood claiming he had had a continuous erection for 18 days after bedding a 15-year-old girl.

Phumuzani Ndlovu (25) of George Silundika Plots in Nyamandlovu, was brought to court writhing in agony.

He was facing a statutory rape charge.
After the matter was brought to the attention of the prosecution, they had to run around seeking authority from the Attorney-General’s Office to facilitate his bail application so he could go out and seek treatment.

“Your worship, we have the consent of the Attorney-General’s Office to entertain bail because of the accused’s condition. We are not opposed to bail, all this stems from a humanitarian point of view. We are reliably informed by the police that the accused has had an erection for 18 days now and he really needs medical attention. If the court uses its discretion to grant him bail, we will attach conditions to it,” submitted the prosecutor, Goodluck Katenaire.

When Ndlovu was asked by magistrate Godwin Sengweni what he was suffering from, he said it was ulunyoka/runyoka (a spell cast for sexual indiscretion).

“Who told you that it was ulunyoka?” asked the magistrate.

Ndlovu responded: “I went to Nyamandlovu District Hospital and they advised me to seek traditional remedies as they said they could not help at all. I was not suffering from this before I slept with the girl.”

Sengweni had to remand Ndlovu out of custody to enable him to seek medical attention fearing his condition could worsen if he remained in custody. Ndlovu was whisked away by the policewoman who had brought him to court back to Nyamandlovu.

He was not asked to plead to charges of raping the 15-year-old girl and was remanded to August 15 for trial if his condition improves. Charges against him are that on July 13, Ndlovu allegedly raped the girl at a school in Nyamandlovu, who had just alighted from a bus from Bulawayo and asked for a place to sleep, intending to go to the school the following morning.

However, the matter came to light four days later, after Ndlovu went to the school looking for the girl after the erection would not subside, claiming the condition started when he slept with her.

A woman at the school phoned the girl’s grandmother, who came to the school and met Ndlovu and a police report was made, leading to his arrest.

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