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Khumalo ready for refurbishment


Activity at the Khumalo Hockey Stadium (KHS) has moved up a gear with the arrival over the week-end of the artificial turf from The Netherlands.

Five containers were delivered and unloaded at the stadium on Saturday, while a further four trucks arrived yesterday.

The engineers who will oversee the project arrived at the weekend, with a further team due at the end of the week. With this last delivery, all the material and equipment will be on site and the actual work on the laying of the new turf would commence within days.

There are two different fields being installed:
“A” Pitch: This is a water-based pitch and so a rubber shock pad has to be laid first over the asphalt base.

This has required some remedial work being carried out on the base. New edgings to the field have been fitted, and new water sprays installed. The final carpet will be laid over the rubber mat.

The rubber mat will require about seven days’ work, whilst a further seven days will be allowed for the actual carpet.

“B” Pitch: This is a sand-obscured pitch — the latest technology that does not require frequent watering — but unlike a sand-dressed pitch, the actual sand is buried deep within the carpet pile.

This pitch is laid over a foam base — in this case a blue foam base — and this will take about six days to complete before the carpet is laid, sand applied and the pitch prepared.

The two new pitches will require 25% of water used by the previous facility — a significant saving in water for the City of Bulawayo.

The work on the pitches is slightly extended due to their large run-off areas, but the finished product will be world class, restoring the KHS to its international ranking.

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