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Be original: Dhibhura


Upcoming sungura artiste Stephen Dhibhura who recently released his third album titled Zaranyika, said most emerging sungura musicians would never reach the levels of the local sungura giants like Tongai Moyo and Alick Macheso because they were not original.

Dhibhura said he was disgruntled by the fact that most of the young musicians, whenever given a platform to perform, sang other people’s songs instead of their own.

“If you try to be Macheso, you will never succeed because sungura music has to be original and also a matter of the heart,” he said.

Dhibhura said a breakthrough in the local music industry was very difficult, attracting larger audiences, except if the prominent artistes would make it a point to constantly support the rising ones. He said the industry would then grow bigger and better.

“My latest album, Zaranyika, is a more mature offering compared to my two previous albums because throughout the years, I have gained more experience,” he said.

He said the album touched on various day-to- day experiences including life, love and words of advice for various situations.

The album comes after two previous albums, Zambuko, which was his debut in 2002 with the popular track Zvekushupikira and his second album, Dhibhura neMuseve, in 2004.

“The reason why I took so long to release my third album was because I was greatly affectted by the economic crisis that had hit the country and, of course, piracy,” said Dhibhura.

The musician, who usually performs in places like City Sports Bar, Kilimajaro and Jamaica Inn, said he is a full-time musician who also made a living by hiring out his personal PA system.

He said he had worked with various seasoned artistes like BV Labien Musica and Allan Chimbetu. He usually fuses his sungura music with rhumba and kanindo music.

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