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Harare turns to sewage for electricity


The Harare City Council has embarked on a three-million-dollar project which will see the local authority generating at least 2,5 megawatts of electricity from sewage.

The local authority is putting together a methane gas plant at its Firle Sewage Plant in the capital.

Director of water Engineer Christopher Zvobgo said the project would start by producing one megawatt as it progressed to its intended peak of 2,5 megawatts.

“The whole project would need $3 million, but we will start with one megawatt and we have already put in $1 million for that. This project will be in full force by December 2012,” said Zvobgo.

Dave Mashayamombe, a representative of the project contractors, Energy Resources Africa, said the project would be the first of its kind in Africa to generate electricity out of sewage.

He said the project would benefit the country as the power source was cheaper.

“We take organic material from the sewage which is put into the digesters where it will be digested by anaerobic bacteria in the presence of air to produce methane gas which becomes fuel for the power plant,” said Mashayamombe.

“We already have the digesters and the gas is being released into the air, but with this project it will generate electricity.

Mashayamombe was speaking during a tour of the sewage treatment plant by mayors from around the country on Thursday.

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