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Teacher acquitted of pupil seduction


A 43-year-old primary schoolteacher in Filabusi has been acquitted of charges of attempting to rape a Grade Five pupil after his alleged victim gave contradictory statements during trial.

The teacher, who could not be named for the protection of the minor’s identity, was being represented by a lawyer from Mabikwa, Hikwa and Partners.

He told the court he never, at anytime solicited intimacy with the minor when he appeared before Filabusi magistrate, Shillah Nazombe.

State allegations were that on June 30 at 4pm the teacher allegedly invited the pupil to a country club in Filabusi on the pretext he wanted to give her crayons.

The girl later claimed the teacher sent her friend away and tried to abuse her.

During trial, she alleged the teacher scratched her back while attempting to rape her before she ran away, but failed to substantiate her claims.

Earlier on, she had told the court her teacher had asked her to remove her clothes and sit on his lap, a claim which was not corroborated by the seven State witnesses invited to testify in the matter.

The inconsistency resulted in the court discharging the teacher who had been on $100 bail granted at his first appearance a fortnight ago.

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