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Dub poet tackles social issues


Dub poet, Dumisani Mhlanga, has vowed to tackle political issues that have had serious negative impact on people’s lives through his poetry.

In his new poem entitled Nampaya Nampaya Akelibabone, Mhlanga says politicians in the country have for long taken people for a ride and trampling on their rights.

“People must get to know the truth so that they may make informed decisions,” said Mhlanga in an interview with NewsDay.

“The truth is being suppressed and even journalists are being clandestinely arrested for carrying out their lawful duties.”

He also talks about the effects of the controversial Operation Murambatsvina in 2005 that left thousands of urban dwellers without a roof above their heads.

It was carried out by the government ostensibly to eliminate urban slums.

Mhlanga said in this latest offering he aims to address political issues “without fear or favour”.

“I cannot leave out political issues in my poetry because everything in life boils down to politics.

“When we get home after work and find that there is no electricity, it is all because all is not well politically,” he said.

“As we speak, people in Matabeleland are complaining about underdevelopment, that also is a political matter”.

The poet also addresses social ills such as the proliferation of children living in the streets in the poem entitled Kuyanyikinyeka.

He says people can no longer find peace because of a number of social ills bedevilling them, a situation that has been exacerbated by rampant nationwide poverty.

This new project will be the poet’s second album. Mhlanga normally performs in public gatherings and has showcased his talent in neighbouring South Africa before.

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