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Comment: Caps united must stop culture of violence


Premier Soccer League (PSL) giants Caps United were regarded as the smartest team in the early ’80s, but unfortunately that beautiful tag is now gone.

They have become the most violent team in the Premiership. Sunday’s events convinced everyone that the once peaceful “Green Machine” had turned violent after their vicious supporters forced the match against Gunners to be abandoned in the 69th minute.

Gunners were leading the match 2-0.
The Green Machine fans could not fathom referee Ruzive Ruzive’s decision to give two Caps players — Edmore Chafungamoyo and David Sengu — red cards.

While it was distasteful for Caps United fans that their players were red—carded, they should not take the law into their hands by causing crowd trouble.

Soccer fans must behave. After all, one of the greatest footballers, Pele, described this game as “beautiful.”

What must have angered these thugs is that the man who masterminded their team’s downfall was none other than their former coach Moses Chunga.

They are the same thugs who abused Chunga during his spell at Caps United.

The biggest problem with these ruffians is they do not want to lose, while losing is part of the game.

There are three obvious possibilities when you go into a football contest, namely: a draw, a loss or win.

Why do Caps fans think their team is invincible and must not lose? Which team do they think must always be beaten?

It is unfortunate they have adopted a culture of violence and that behaviour must stop forthwith.

The PSL management committee must descend heavily on these hooligans and flush them out from football permanently. They should get video footage and identify the culprits and ban them from attending matches.

Soccer matches are supposed to be family outings and this kind of behaviour is intolerable as it drives away genuine soccer lovers and valuable sponsors.

But then it will be unfair to blame the fans alone.
One must do a self-analysis when you become the only referee who hogs the limelight for the wrong reasons all the time. Match officials are supposed to handle games impartially to avoid crowd trouble.

The fact that Ruzive’s name always crops up where there is controversy raises eyebrows.

There is something wrong somewhere in the way he discharges his duties.

However, soccer fans must know that the referee’s decision is final, whether right or wrong.

Caps must put their house in order and we welcome plans by the PSL to make them play in empty stadia if their fans cannot stomach defeat because their team will always lose for as long they continue to sell their big names without any meaningful replacements.
We urge the PSL to act now.

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