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Col Ray Ncube relinquishes Zipra post


Retired colonel Ray Ncube has relinquished his chairmanship of the Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (Zipra) Veterans Trust following his recent elevation to chair Zapu’s Bulawayo province.

Ncube said Zipra Veterans Trust deputy chairperson Buster Magwizi would act as chairperson until after elections in September.

“I relinquished the post. Our constitution says after three years, we should have a change-over in terms of leadership and it coincided with my election to be the Zapu Bulawayo chairman.

The Trust’s elections are due in September and in the meantime Magwizi will act as chairman,” he said.

“The reason why I relinquished the post is that culturally, we don’t have this culture of staying in power forever. There is nothing wrong with the Trust. It is functioning properly.”

Ncube said he would now focus on his task as the new Zapu provincial chairman.

“The biggest task is mobilisation of more people to join the party. As we stand, we believe that Bulawayo is the hub of the party (Zapu). The party has to be strong in this city — which is the power base of Zapu — and then the rest of the provinces will follow suit,” he said.

Ncube was on Saturday elected Bulawayo Zapu provincial chairman beating former Highlanders chairman Roger Muhlwa and Constantine Ngwenya for the position.

“We already have strong sectors in the party. We have a strong administration system and the ideological bedrock of the party is also strong. We simply have to work hard to take it (ideology) to the youths. Otherwise we are a strong party and want to ensure that there will be good (political) competition in this city,” he said.

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