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Council infighting turns nasty


Harare city councillors have engaged in dog-fighting as jockeying for new committee positions at Town House reaches fever pitch.

Beneficiaries of the Mayor Muchadeyi Masunda-initiated reshuffle are accusing human resources committee chairperson, Panganayi Charumbira, of bed-hopping.

The councillors said Charumbira, who is one of those opposed to Masunda’s project, was in the habit of “demanding unprotected sex from prostitutes” wherever they attended workshops in and out of the country.

However, Charumbira on Wednes
day denied the allegations, and said the rumours showed mudslinging at Town House had reached a crescendo.

On Tuesday, Charumbira confronted deputy mayor Emmanuel Chiroto for allegedly spreading the malicious rumours, which could have the potential of bringing service delivery to a halt as the MDC-T-dominated council fights.

Ironically, Chiroto is among councillors allegedly amassing wealth through unscrupulous means at the expense of service delivery. He is reportedly constructing a 23-roomed two-storey mansion in one of Harare’s leafy suburbs, this on a monthly salary of $300.

But, Chiroto on Wednesday said the building of his house was “nothing out of the ordinary”, but “the real storm” at Town House was Masunda’s reshuffling of committees that had incensed the councillors.

“It’s surprising I am told fellow councillors have been spreading rumours that I am demanding unprotected sex. It explains the war at Town House and those eyeing my position are the ones spreading such allegations which are not true,” said Charumbira.

Other councillors who spoke to NewsDay, accused Charumbira of unbecoming behaviour wherever they went on council business and alleged sometimes he bunked meetings to attend to “his girls”.

“How can someone rush to newspapers and say such rubbish? It only explains how nasty the fight has become,” he retorted.

Contacted for comment on Wednesday, Masunda said he did not have facts on the matter, but, if it was true, he would act to protect the image of the city.

Meanwhile, Local government deputy minister Sesel Zvidzai hailed Masunda for rotating council committees, saying it was proper as there was need for renewal.

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