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Vimbai, Wendall drawing closer to the money


With two more eviction shows left before the finale, the house is getting more tense each and every day as all housemates now have their eyes on the money.

The remaining 13 housemates are eyeing the grand prize of $200 000 which will be given to two of Africa’s favourite housemates.

Both Zimbabwean representatives in the game, Vimbai Mutinhiri and Wendall Parson, are still in and are safe from eviction this week.

If they are not nominated next week, they would be guaranteed green cards to the Big Brother Amplified (BBA) finale.

Initially, Wendall had been put on the chopping block during Monday’s nominations show, but fortunately, Vimbai was Head of house and had the powers to save and replace any of the nominated housemates.

She decided to save her countryman who she loves dearly and put up Mumba (Zambia) in his place.

Most housemates though had thought Vimbai was going to put Karen in Wendall’s place as the two have been at loggerheads since Karen gave Wendall a back massage.

On Sunday morning, Vimbai told Karen to get away from her as she did not like her since they were not friends.

For two weeks since housemates got reunited in one house, Vimbai has been nominating Karen, but it is inexplicable why she did not take the opportunity to get rid of someone she did not like.

This means that Bernadina (Namibia), Lomwe (Malawi), Vina (Nigeria), Mumba (Zambia) and Zeus (Botswana) are up for possible eviction from the BBA house this Sunday.

Meanwhile, Nigerian housemate Karen is proving to be a strong contender this year as she came out top of the standings on Sunday evening after receiving eight country votes to keep her in the house.

One of the main BBA bullies, Weza (Angola) was evicted from BBA on Sunday together with lovebirds, Alex (Ghana) and Peo/Miss P (Botswana).

It seems Weza joined the wrong league as she had been entangled in Miss P and Alex’s web of lies and deceit, and ended up being at the centre of their strategy which probably led to their downfall.

The recent exit of the three housemates has left the remaining housemates in a state of shock as it is clear to them that the games are over and any of them could be evicted.

Four countries, Angola, Ghana, Mozambique and Tanzania are no longer in the running for the BBA prize as their country representatives have all been booted out of the house.

With two more eviction shows left before the finale, it is all eyes on DStv Channel 198 to see which two housemates will walk away with the BBA prize money of $200 000.

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