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Tsvangirai fumes: ‘I don’t hate police but their deeds’


Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday fumed over elements in the inclusive government which he said were “square pegs in round holes” in the three-legged coalition.

Addressing thousands of MDC-T supporters in Masvingo, Tsvangirai singled out three ministries as impediments to the implementation of programmes in the inclusive government.

“Three ministries have failed the inclusive government,” he said.

“First, the Ministry of Media, Information and Publicity, which is suppressing other voices and propagating hate speech against the MDC-T. Recently, we called (Webster) Shamu (the minister) to explain, but he could not explain. It has let us down.

“Secondly, the Justice ministry, because of the manner in which justice is being delivered, for example, (Attorney-General Johannes) Tomana. He must protect the ministers, but he is at the forefront prosecuting the ministers. I said a long time ago that he was a square peg in a round hole.

“Even President (Robert) Mugabe asked why people go to jail with no case to answer.

“Thirdly, there is the Ministry of Home Affairs. I don’t hate police, but I hate some of their deeds. If we had them doing their job, there would be peace and stability in the country. If you see an institution with one person who is always at the helm like a headman forever and ever, there is a problem.

“Institutions must be renewed and this includes the MDC-T.”

Tsvangirai said the police force was building tension by defending the power and positions of individuals.
He said the GNU had made a lot of progress in addressing thorny issues, but the discord and lack of commitment by other partners was derailing the achievements.

“We have made steps, but now, because of the discord, there is no commitment to working for the people. It’s chaos. People no longer have confidence in the inclusive government.”

Tsvangirai said he was not happy with the way his ministers were being arrested without his knowledge, adding that it was one factor affecting the GNU.
“As long as Zanu PF is sabotaging progress, this inclusive government is going nowhere.

“People must fight for their rights and should be at the forefront of the struggle. We have to mobilise against those who infringe on our rights, no matter who that is.”
He said government was committed to addressing the plight of civil servants, adding that they had remained “super patriots” even during difficult times.

Turning to the diplomatic front, Tsvangirai said: “We were at a Sadc meeting recently with our issues that are continuing. Zimbabwe is a shame because there is this and that, but all party negotiators want to agree on a roadmap to free and fair elections to end the crisis.”
Speaking at the same occasion, MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti said Zanu PF had lost friends in Sadc because of violence.

Theresa Makone, chairperson of the party’s women assembly, called for the ouster from Masvingo of Jabulani Sibanda, leader of a faction of the war veterans’ association whom she accused of launching a campaign of terror in Masvingo province.

“We plead as women that Jabulani Sibanda must be taken back to Matabeleland. I want to tell him that the time to terrorise people has passed and the people will not be intimidated. Real soldiers are there to defend us. Zimbabwe is at peace and we do not need soldiers to open their big mouths, but to concentrate on defending the country,” she said.

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