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Buy Zimbabwe Day on cards


The Buy Zimbabwe Campaign and company executives of several companies in the country will next week converge for the launch of the Buy Zimbabwe Day aimed at raising awareness and generating support for consumers to buy locally-produced products.

The Buy Zimbabwe Campaign says this will help revive local industries.

The Buy Zimbabwe Campaign is working in collaboration with the Standards Association of Zimbabwe, National Economic Consultative Forum and the Marketers’ Association of Zimbabwe, among other partners.

Buy Zimbabwe Campaign spokesperson Munyaradzi Hwengwere said: “We announced on our launch, that for the Buy Zimbabwe to be successful and effective we must go beyond words by working with business, government, and consumers in practical matters directed at ensuring increased production and consumption of local goods and services.

“Buy Zimbabwe goes beyond simply assertion of pride in what one produces but importantly assures the entire family of a prosperous and sustainable future. It guarantees employment and higher standards of living.”

Company executives will get time to mingle with their consumers and also witness the launch of the Buy Zimbabwe insignia and certification standard which shall be used on the local and international markets to identify Zimbabwean products of high quality that would have been locally produced and a show of commitment to creating jobs for the majority of unemployed citizens.

The organisation also hailed the launch of the Medium-Term Plan saying: “The historic launch of the Medium-Term plan should be hailed because it addresses some of the long standing issues between business and government which have contributed to a lot of economic stagnation.”

Buy Zimbabwe ultimately seeks to create a platform necessary to promote the production and consumption of local goods and services in the face of influx of foreign alternatives.

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