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Govt gets tough on contractors


Transport, Infrastructural Development and Communications minister Nicholas Goche has said government would now consider withdrawing contracts from companies that delayed completion of given projects as a ploy to siphon money from the government.

Addressing journalists after a tour of the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Airport together with Finance minister Tendai Biti on Thursday, Goche said his ministry was impressed by progress at the airport.

“I think now we are going to look very seriously at any extension any time overall to ensure that work is done within the period that was agreed on,” said Goche.

“We want to say to the contractor and to the consultants: You must leave this culture of saying when you get a contract you must be there forever. Finish it and leave a mark and whenever tenders are flighted, you have a track record,” he said.

“We do not expect people to just to come at the site to start lighting fires and start cooking without starting work as per tradition with the construction industry, particularly the roads sector.”

Goche said government might be forced not to accept requests for projects extensions after a deadline lapses.

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