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Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries president Joseph Kanyekanye said the country has had so many policies before, but most of them had fallen by the wayside.

“There is need for speed in implementation. The speed of implementation in government over the years has been slow, very slow.

“This plan must form the basis for fiscal and monetary policy formulation.

“Why are we poor as a country? Zimbabwe has the highest literacy rate in Africa; we have many resources in the country, we have raw materials; we produce diamonds and gold and yet there is no employment for Zimbabweans. Why are we still poor?

Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce president Oswald Binha said the country should develop a good communication base.

“We must eradicate uncertainty so as to send the right signal. There must be commitment in government to ensure business enablers are provided,” said Binha.

He said there was a need for consistency when implementing policies.

Chamber of Mines Zimbabwe president Winston Chitando said the country needed to come up with comprehensive strategies, on how it could benefit from its minerals.

“There is need to ensure that we get a good chunk of exploration investment that has been going on lately so that we can find how much we have as an industry.”

Consumer Council of Zimbabwe president Rosemary Siyachitema said consumers have over the years been on the receiving end of poor service provision hence the need to address issues to do with power, water and transport, among others.

“We have gone back to where people live in dark cities, where electricity is never available,” said Siyachitema

“There is need for a consumer protection law in the country to protect consumers.”

Bankers’ Association of Zimbabwe, president John Mushayavanhu said MTP should be clear on which currency the policy would be rooted on.

“The MTP has to be buttressed by a stable financial sector to restore confidence in the sector. It should ensure there is an interest regime that encourages savings

“I don’t think as a country we will succeed with this plan alone, we need the assistance from foreign lenders.

“We want the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to start playing its role as the central bank to be the lender of the last resort hence steps must be taken to recapitalise it.

“It must address issues of infrastructure and information communication technology. He said the economic blueprint should instil confidence so as to encourage the informal sector to bank their money.

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