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President, PM Monday teas in limbo


Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai failed to meet President Robert Mugabe for the usual Monday briefings because the Premier had just had a tooth extracted, his spokesperson said yesterday.

On Tuesday, the two leaders could also not meet because of Cabinet.

Last week, the two failed to meet again as Tsvangirai had travelled to Zambia for the burial of that country’s former president Frederick Chiluba.

The meetings are meant to dwell on the state of the shaky inclusive government, as well as social and economic developments in Zimbabwe.

“The Prime Minister could not attend because he had just had a tooth extracted,” said Luke Tamborinyoka, the Premier’s spokesperson.

However, around 5pm Tsvangirai was able to meet Fifa president Sepp Blatter at his residence in Harare’s Strathaven suburb.

Presidential spokesperson George Charamba on Tuesday said Tuesdays were set aside for Cabinet business.

He refused to comment further, referring NewsDay to Tamborinyoka.

“Talk to your usual sources. Talk to Tamborinyoka,” he said.

This Monday, the PM was expected to raise issues with President Mugabe over reports of political violence and continued threats by military chiefs to derail the ongoing democratic processes, among other pressing matters.

The two leaders often clash over differences on how the processes to a democracy should be implemented under the Global Political Agreement which gave birth to the inclusive government.

During recent international and regional junkets, President Mugabe boasted he and Tsvangirai were drinking tea together every Monday and gave an impression of “kissing and making up” after a decade of bitter rivalry.

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