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Artistic creativity on Wall of Peace


Visual artist and poet Mthabisi Phili has come up with an interesting visual arts compilation titled Wall of Peace as part of the Perception 360 exhibition that has seen community members making contributions to artwork.

Phili told NewsDay that he came up with the concept to give people from all walks of life a chance to show their artistic creativity.

“The idea is to have people putting up their own definition of peace on the installation and share it with others. I am still taking more people to take part,” said Phili.

Already, there are messages on the wall that were posted from countries such as Nigeria, France, Denmark, Japan, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.

He said the novel concept seeks to involve members of the public in visual art.

“Art is no longer about the artists only, but should now transcend those barriers and involve the public as well. People should be part of the exhibition as well as the installation,” said the former teacher who now doubles up as arts curator.

His works are in private and public collections in countries such as Austria, Britain, Norway, Germany and South Africa.

Another artist who made a contribution to the peace theme, Virginia Chihota, said in an interview with NewsDay that her works reflect the fact that “she has not seen or found any peace in the country”.

In all her works, Chihota says peace is elusive and she would only stop complaining about the absence of peace when she notes significant improvements in society.

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