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Protect children with jailed parents — junior MP


Children left behind by incarcerated abusive parents should not be left exposed to difficulties and society must put up mechanisms to ensure they are well looked after, a legislator has said.

Junior deputy senate president Nkosana Ncube told NewsDay that society needed to take up the issue of child protection abusers.

He said after the arrest of their abusive parents, children were left stranded and often exposed to harm and immoral behaviour.

“There are many children who are abused by parents and relatives who fear to report them. This is because they think their lives will be doomed after breadwinners are jailed,” said Ncube.

He said many such children ended up becoming involved in immoral activities.

Ncube said the government should have a policy which ensured such children were looked after through government funding, especially if their abusers were the breadwinners in the family.

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