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Gospel artist releases debut album


Upcoming gospel musician Callistus Tavengwa has released his debut album titled Chipo Chikuru.

The album was recorded at Dawn Studios in Bulawayo last year, but was only released at the end of May this year.

Tavengwa said his Christian background had influenced his decision to choose the genre.

“I felt I could put my message across more effectively through gospel music,” he said.

The six-track album has also received its fare share of airplay on Radio Zimbabwe’s gospel music shows.

Songs to look out for on the album include the title track Chipo Chukuru, Chemai Netariro, Mutserendende and Mukondombera.

In Chipo Chikuru, the musician who plays the lead guitar, fused gospel and sungura music to come up with a danceable,well-packaged rhythm while some of the tracks have a laid-back beat. In particular, the song Chemai Netariro has a slow and slow tempo.

Tawengwa also addresses the HIV and Aids scourge in the song Mukondombera. He says that the Bible predicted that in the last days, there would be incurable diseases.

He said his themes were derived from social settings.

“I look at the way people live, the challenges they face and then create my music laced with a gospel message,” he said.

The musician said he was open to criticism and would like people to give him feedback after going through the album.

The album is being marketed by Harare-based Metro Studios.

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