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Masvingo female bassist ‘a threat’ to Macheso


Alick Macheso, Spencer Kumbuyani, Ronnie Mudhindo may claim to be some of the country’s best bass guituarists but there is certainly a lot of raw, untapped talent out in the countryside.

Among them are women, so unassuming one might want to stereotypically relegate them to the kitchen without thinking twice.

Loveness Chigwanhi, a Renco Mine-based woman aged 29, is earning a living through music. She has surprised her peers and communities around that southern part of Masvingo with her guitar-playing prowess.

In fact, those that have seen her play and follow her music swear Chigwanhi is a serious threat to Alick Machesos and other pros in his league.

I attended the Masvingo Chibuku Road To Fame finals in Masvingo at the weekend and if you ask me, I will stand by the assertion that Macheso is under threat from this woman called Chigwanhi.

Her band, Zano Rangu, were not contenders at this year’s show but they were simply the guest band after winning the national competition in 2003.

Chigwanhi’s blind brother Runesu, the group’s lead vocalist, invited her to get involved in music after his sister had shown unusual interest and amazing talent with the guitar.

“Though I am a bass guitarist Madzibaba is my inspiration,” Chigwanhi said referring to her brother. “I am looking forward to being the best guitarist in Zimbabwe.

“When I am on stage I feel very proud of myself considering the fact that I will be playing in front of men.”

Chigwanhi said it should be acceptable in the minds of people that like in every other trade or profession, women can play guitars and drums and whenever there is a competition for the best artists they should be included.

Sporting a colourful skirt and blouse Chigwanhi enthralled her fans who made up part of the hundreds of music lovers that attended the Simudza Mafaro show.

Believe it or not, the woman, just like you’ve seen Macheso do, played her bass guitar from her behind and even strummed it tunefully with her mouth.

She walked way with lots of prizes from Delta.

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