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Unions fight over workers


Zimbabwe Security Guards Workers’ Union (Zisegwu) and the Commercial Workers’ Union of Zimbabwe (Cwuz) have reportedly clashed over representation of security guards in wage negotiations.

Each of the two unions is reportedly claiming to be the sole representative of security guards.

Matabeleland regional officer and arbitrator for Zisegwu, Alfred Mpofu, on Friday said Cwuz was representing the security guards in the collective bargaining before the sector formed its own union.

He said after the formation of Zisegwu, which deals with the guards’ grievances, Cwuz ceased to represent them.

But, Cwuz secretary-general Gilbert Karikuimba said while he was aware the security guard sector had established their National Employment Council (Nec), he had not been informed if they had been weaned off his organisation.

“We have not established that the security guards’ Nec is independent and in the meantime they are still covered by Cwuz. We are happy that they now have their Nec. But it is not true that we are interfering in their operations. We are still working with them very well,” said Karikuimba.

However, Mpofu said Zisegwu is a registered union. He said a Nec for the security sector which works with the union on wage-related matters was formed last December.

“Since the security guards’ union is now fully constituted, we are surprised that Cwuz still claim to be representing the security guards. Cwuz still go around in the industry collecting dues from our members. They are confusing our members and we want that to stop,” said Mpofu.

He said he once approached Cwuz officials over the issue but they were hostile.

Mpofu said Zisegwu and the employers’ association recently came up with their collective bargaining agreement for the security industry which has been registered with the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare. He said this means the guards’ union and Nec have a mandate to conduct business without the interference of Cwuz.

Cwuz is the union that represents workers in the commercial sector such as retail and wholesale sectors.

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