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Soft drink prices up


Zimbabwe’s leading beverages manufacturer, Delta, has increased the wholesale price of soft drinks.

A snap survey by NewsDay in a number of supermarkets in Harare yesterday showed the prices have been increased from 50c to 60c per 300ml bottle.
Restaurants in Harare were selling a 300ml bottle of soft drink at 70c each up from 50c.

Contacted for comment general manager corporate affairs, George Mutendadzamera, said the wholesale price of the 300ml sparkling beverages pack was adjusted for the first time since the dollarisation of the economy in early 2009. “

The bottlers in Zimbabwe have had to absorb significant cost increases over the last two years particularly that of sugar that reached historical peaks, the depreciation of the US dollar versus the rand and euro, which drives the costs of spares, carbon dioxide and packaging materials,” said Mutendanzamera.

“The price of sugar has a significant bearing on the prices of the imported concentrates. The price adjustment also takes into account the difficulties in arriving at precise price points which results in retailers rounding up prices for ease of change during transactions.

“The new recommended retail price for this pack has been set at fifty cents, which is comparable to prices charged in other regional markets.

He said the prices of all other packs such as one litre, cans, and PET remained unchanged.

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