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Ncube blasts army generals


Army generals have no business getting involved in politics, MDC-N president Welshman Ncube has said.

Ncube, who is also Industry and Commerce minister, was addressing supporters of his party at Bafana business centre in Lupane East on Saturday.

He said soldiers were overstepping their mandate by dabbling in politics.

“We have seen the likes of (Brigadier-General Douglas) Nyikayaramba issuing out press statements,” said Ncube.

“Where have you seen soldiers come out of their barracks to take part in politics? The constitutional mandate of soldiers is to defend the nation when there is an invasion.”

He said security forces were supposed to be non-partisan.

“It is not the business of soldiers to be calling press conferences and making political statements speaking on behalf of (President Robert) Mugabe,” said Ncube.
“Why can’t he speak for himself? How can you build a nation like that ?”

The MDC-N leader said the securocrats’ action was tantamount to attempting to subvert democracy.

“Why should soldiers choose (President) Mugabe for us?”

He said President Mugabe presided over the destruction of Zimbabwe’s economy and could not be trusted with Zimbabwe’s future.

Zimbabweans, should be allowed to choose leaders of their choice without soldiers imposing their choices on them.

Ncube’s sentiments come hard on the heels of similar remarks by United States Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Charles Ray recently.

Ray said army commanders interested in politics “should take off their uniforms” and enter the political arena.

Only, last week, Nyikayaramba branded Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai a “security threat”.

PM Tsvangirai has also challenged the commanders who seem interested in politics to resign and contest against him in elections.

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