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BBA: Vimbai, Wendall survive


Zimbabwe’s Vimbai and Wendall who were up for eviction from the Big Brother Amplified (BBA) house survived with Wendall playing popular among viewers as he received more country votes.

This was Wendall’s first time to experience the Sunday eviction and he managed to impress Africa who in turn gave him their votes.

The eviction show saw one of Malawi’s representatives in the BBA “mind game” Felicia, being evicted after spending 55 days in the house.

Hanni (Ethiopia) received the most votes from five countries, Ethiopia, Angola, Ghana, Nigeria and the Rest of Africa. Zimbabwe, Namibia and Zambia voted to save Wendall while Lomwe was saved by Malawi and Mozambique.

Zeus received two country votes from Botswana and South Africa. Sharon O (Uganda) was saved by her home country and Vimbai was saved by Tanzania.

Millicent (Kenya) was saved by her home country and the evicted Felicia received no votes.

Meanwhile, Millicent who received the second-least votes was also evicted from the BBA Heads house and sent to the Tails house.

Vimbai was lucky to have survived eviction as there was a three-way tie between her, Millicent and Sharon O as they all had one country vote each.

For this reason the tie-breaking mechanism was used and on a percentage basis, Sharon O who had 10,23% and Vimbai who had 12,93% of the votes were both declared safe.

Millicent who received 6,41% was therefore sent to the Tails house.

Her entrance into the Tails house had Miss P mute in shock. Immediately upon her entrance, the Tailsmates urged Millicent to kiss Alex and rekindle their old flame as the two shared the first kiss in the Amplified season, but were soon separated when all the housemates were split into two houses, the Heads and Tails.

Now that Millicent and Alex have been reunited, some Tailsmates want the two of them to carry on where they left off.

Some want to veto that move to give Miss P an opportunity to carry out her seasonlong mission of dating Alex.

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