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Zipra veteran in race for Zapu Byo chairmanship


As the battle to control Bulawayo province continues to play out behind the scenes in Zapu, elections for the provincial structures were postponed from Sunday to July 9 with more people declaring their interest in the chairman’s post.

Retired Colonel Ray Lazarus Ncube, who is also Zipra Veterans’ Trust chairman, and former Highlanders Football Club executive member Horace Ndubiwa are reportedly some of the individuals who have shown interest in the province’s top post.

Sources in the party’s province said Ncube and Ndubiwa had emerged as strong candidates for the post.

Contacted for comment, Ncube confirmed that he was in the race for the chairmanship.

“I was participating in Copac (Constitutional Parliamentary Committee) activities in the past two months and when I returned some people approached me and said they wanted me to contest for the province’s chairmanship. At first I thought it was just a few people, but then I can say I have so far received a lot of phone calls. I have since agreed because I thought, if people want you, then it’s good to participate,” he said.

However, the elections have been delayed by the differences that exist between members who were once part of Zanu PF structures under the Unity Accord of 1987 and those who never became part of the ruling party but have joined the revived Zapu.

“The faction of former Zanu PF members is delaying elections to strategise and is currently on a recruitment drive. The elections will be conducted by the council of elders. It seems the former Zanu PF faction went to the elder who is supposed to handle the Bulawayo elections and he agreed to have the elections pushed to 9 July,” the source said.

Zapu spokesperson Methuseli Moyo could only confirm that the elections had been moved to July 9.

“I can confirm that elections are on the 9th of July at a venue yet to be decided. I only have those details and nothing else,” he said.

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