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Zim Under-16 hockey team named


The Under-16 girls’ national hockey team to participate in a Sadc tournament to be played at Khumalo Hockey Stadium in August was selected on Saturday at Petra High School.

Two teams, A and B, were selected during the Under-16 Inter-Provincial Hockey Tournament held at Petra High on Friday and Saturday which involved eight teams from around the country.

Leanne Godfrey, co-coordinator of the competition and manageress of the Girls Under-16 A, yesterday said the tournament was well-organised and well-supported.

From the eight teams, 32 players were chosen to represent the country in the competition to be held before the Olympic hockey qualifiers which will be held at Khumalo from September 2-10.

Two players, goalkeeper Itayi Mahamba and Dorothy Chisare, from Matabeleland made it into the A team while another goalminder Blessing Samson, Hannah Godfrey, Margaret Kabanda, Charmaine Emmanuel and Kelsey Hunter made it into the B team.

Players from Mashonaland dominate in the national team.

Goalkeeper Jordyn Clipston, Jessica Harris, Sharnelle Greatorex, Sinead Cockcraft, Ashleigh Bruce, Amee Natival, Chiedza Msipa, Amber Scott, Tatianna Muringani, Chelsea Dollar, Stephanie Campbell, Julie Precious, Kudzi Zenyengire and Robin Mason made it into the A team from Mashonaland.

Divine Nyamurera, Camilla Odendaal, Mafaro Hungwe, Chiedza Chiseya, Rumbi Mahinga, Ruvimbo Muzambwa, Farirai Omarshar, Sophie Pidi and Heidi McWade from Mashonaland made it into Team B.

The teams that participated in the Inter-Provincial Tournament were Mashonaland Central Districts (MCD) A and B, Matabeleland A and B, Mashonaland A, B and C and Central Districts.

The competition was won by Mashonaland B after beating Matabeleland A 1-0 in the finals while Mashonaland A beat MCD A 3-0 to be third runner-up.

MCD A were the fourth runners-up.
Gibson Ngoma the Team A coach while Kelly Morgan will take charge of Team B with Jamie Lewis as manager.

Godfrey said preparations for the Sadc tournament to involve Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia would start after schools close for the August holidays.

Team A: J Clipston, I Mahamba, J Harris, S Greatorex, S Cockcraft, A Bruce, D Chisare, A Natival, A Scott, T Muringani, C Msipa, C Dollar, S Campbell, J Precious, K Zenyengire, R Mason

Team B: C Warambiwa (Central Districts), B Samson, H Godfrey, C Odendaal, M Hungwe, M Kabanda, C Emmanuel, C Chiseya, R Mahinga, K Hunter, R Muzambwa, T Chinhemba (Central Districts), F Omarshah, S Pidi, H McWade

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