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Urban goovers in fundraising concert


The Urban Grooves Association in conjunction with Afrimunne Records will today host a fundraising show at Rutendo Hall in Mufakose.

The show is aimed at raising money to assist urban groover, Norman Jesinawo, aka Luscious, who recently had three operations after suffering from an abscess.

“He was recently discharged from Harare Hospital and is recovering from home after staying there for eight weeks and what we want to do as artists is assist him at his time of need,” said Urban Grooves Association public relations officer, Joe Machingura.

Machingura said Jesinawo was a bread winner in his family as he takes care of his grandmother and four siblings.

He said the show would help raise money for the ailing musician to cover his medical bills and also cater for his family.

Urban groovers set to perform include Sani Makhalima, Leonard Mapfumo, Extra Large, Cindy Munyavi, Mzimba, Simjoe and Trinta who will be coming from South Africa.

Machingura said other upcoming artists set to perform included Shinso, Dj Mbale, Kenyard, Dj Tachi and ragga artist, Bravo T.

He said they would also set up donation boxes at the venue and fundraising activities will include pictures with celebrities, autographs and sale of food and beverages.

“We would like all Zimbabweans to support this cause because it is the artistes’ job to keep the nation entertained thus Luscious needs to get back on track,” he said.

Machingura said artists needed to be in good health to keep producing music which was why they had decided to come together and be available for each other in times of need in order to uplift the local music industry.

He said he was also very grateful to Afrimune Records who had partnered with the urban groovers and had produced all the flyers and advertisements for the show.

“We are the artists and if we don’t do this who else will? We would do stage shows more often if need arises,” he said.

Jesinawo is part of an urban grooves group named Honeyvybes and he features on popular tracks like Tamari, Ndikuone and Nguva Refu.

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