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Nkomo commemorations set for July


Commemorations of the late Vice-President Joshua Nkomo have been scheduled for July 2 at the Stanley Square in Makokoba.

Spokesperson for the organisers of the commemorations Albert Nyoni said they had invited people from all walks of life for the commemorations to celebrate the life of a man known in his lifetime as “Father Zimbabwe”.

“Everyone is invited. We have invited people across political parties, from churches, NGOs, schools, residents associations, traditional leaders and all sorts of organisations. Going by the number of invitations that we have sent out, we expect over
5 000 people to turn up for the celebrations,” he said.

“There will be two things happening on the day. We will have speakers on the life of Joshua Nkomo.

“Then we will also have people performing traditional dances from across our cultures including amabhiza, isitshikitsha and many others,” he said.

Nkomo died on July 1 1999.

A member of the organising committee, Saul Gwakuba Ndlovu, said it was important to celebrate the life of Nkomo because he was the father of post-independence Zimbabwe.

“Joshua Nkomo was the initiator of the modern liberation struggle, which was in three stages. When the colonialists seized various countries, people who opposed them were chiefs and other traditional leaders.

“The next people to fight were semi-educated blacks that included Masotsha Ndlovu and Charles Mzingeli. The third stage in which Nkomo featured included educated people like the Reverend Samkange, the father of prominent author Stanlake Samkange, from whom Nkomo took over the leadership of the Southern Rhodesia African national Congress.

“The commemoration of Joshua Nkomo’s death is therefore important because of the important role he played in the liberation of Zimbabwe,” he said.

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