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Don’t smuggle losers into govt — PM


Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday said Zimbabwe’s fragile inclusive government was dysfunctional due to competing interests and meddling by the country’s partisan security chiefs.

In his keynote address at the World Justice Forum, in Barcelona, Spain, Tsvangirai also called on the international community to ensure that Zimbabwe held a free and fair election, which would usher in a government to address the country’s problems.

“In 2008, the people spoke in an election that they wanted a new culture and a new beginning. But their vote did not count. Those who lost the election were smuggled into an inclusive government that is now dysfunctional due to competing interests and lack of a common vision,” he said.

“Only a legitimately elected government, and not a coalition, can develop and implement a common vision and programmes that will deal with the massive unemployment and poverty that we currently face.”

Tsvangirai said some security chiefs were throwing spanners into the work of the government and also refusing to recognise the new dispensation. He condemned Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri and Attorney-General Johannes Tomana for publicly stating that they supported Zanu PF.

“The challenge in Zimbabwe is that even after forming the inclusive government, some State organs and State institutions have failed to respect the new dispensation.

A small clique of top officials in the police, the army and the intelligence services have vowed that they support President (Robert) Mugabe and Zanu PF and will not allow anyone else to govern the country, even if that person wins an election,” said Tsvangirai.

“They have overtly become partisan and are seeking to undermine the civilian authority. Every day, they are dabbling in politics, even seeking to influence the date of the election and the conditions under which that election will be held.”

Tsvangirai said his colleagues in government who had influence over security chiefs had deployed the army into the countryside to intimidate villagers in order to predetermine the outcome of the next election.

He said the command element and not ordinary soldiers and police officers were at the forefront of the abuses while also decrying the fact that those responsible for violence and murders in the June 2008 election runoff were walking scot-free.

The Prime Minister, however, said he was glad the Sadc and President Jacob Zuma of South Africa had insisted that Zimbabwe comes up with a roadmap to a free and fair election.

He called on the world to ensure that the roadmap was implemented to ensure that those who lost elections were not accommodated.

“We must avoid the circus that began in Kenya, was perfected in Zimbabwe and backfired in the Ivory Coast. It is indeed a disturbing trend which must be discouraged where incumbents who lose an election are smuggled back through dubious power-sharing arrangements,” he said.

“The challenge for us and the rest of the world is to vaccinate against yet another stolen election in Zimbabwe and to ensure the implementation of a roadmap to a free and fair election.”

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