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Man accused of beheading brother indicted for trial


The Mbembesi man who allegedly beheaded his brother in an argument over groundnuts and reportedly dumped his body in a bush was on Monday indicted for trial on July 4 at the Bulawayo High Court.

The indictment was after the Attorney-General had made the notification for trial.

“You are hereby notified that I have decided to indict you for trial before the General Division of the High Court in terms of sub section (1) of Section 105 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act, Chapter 59,” wrote Martha Cheda of AG’s Office Western Division to the accused.

The man, Nkosiyabo Ndzombane (25), of Battlefields in Mbembesi, was arrested two weeks after committing the offence.

Ndzombane was informed of his trial date by Bulawayo magistrate Ndumo Masuku.

Charges against him are that on April 26, he had an argument with his brother, Thethelani, over groundnuts that had not been harvested in the fields.

However, the argument stopped when he went to herd cattle with his brother remaining at home.

In the evening, when he returned from herding cattle, Thethelani ordered him to go and fetch water from a nearby river, but he refused.

Nkosiyabo allegedly armed himself with a log and started assaulting his brother all over the body.

However, the matter seemed to have been solved and they went to sleep.

Realising that Thethelani was fast asleep, Nkosiyabo woke up and armed himself with an axe.

He stealthily went to where his brother was sleeping and struck him once on the head with the axe.

Nkosiyabo allegedly went berserk and repeatedly struck Thethelani on the neck chopping off his head.
After killing him, he allegedly dragged the body using sail sheet and dumped it at a nearby bush.

He also took his bloodstained clothes and buried them in a stream.

The matter, however, came to light two weeks later, leading to Nkosiyabo’s arrest and the discovery of the body in an advanced state of decomposition.

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