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Timba meets diplomats over Sadc semantics


MDC-T secretary for international relations Jameson Timba last week met African and international diplomats to demystify issues surrounding the outcome of the Sadc Extraordinary Summit in Sandton, South Africa, last week.

Timba said the meetings were meant to set the record straight and counter Zanu PF misinformation about the meeting.

“You will agree with me that there has been a lot of distortion in the media, so the meeting was to set the record straight, since I attended both the Livingstone (Zambia) and the Sandton (South Africa) summits,” he said.

Timba said about a third of the African diplomats were aware of the correct position taken by Sadc because they attended the Sandton Summit.

He told the diplomats the Livingstone resolutions had been incorporated into the Sandton resolutions.

“But what is clear is that Zanu PF is in denial. How can they say that they are happy with President Zuma’s report to the main summit and unhappy with the Livingstone report, when the Livingstone report was incorporated into the Sandton one?” asked Timba.

“Zanu PF hates Livingstone because Livingstone stopped them from railroading Zimbabweans into a bloody, violent election. They hate President (South African President, Jacob) Zuma because he has fractured the single voice of solidarity with a tyrannical leader in favour of solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe.

“It is diplomatic dishonesty for anyone to suggest that because the Livingstone report was noted, it was rejected when the resolutions of the Sandton Summit were based on the Livingstone resolutions,” added Timba.

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