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Sport Comment: We expect no violence


Brazilian soccer legend Pele once described football as a “beautiful game”.

We believe the beauty of the sport does not take place just on the pitch where players display spectacular skills, but it starts right from the time a soccer fan prepares to go to watch a match especially his or her mindset.

Of paramount importance is the fact that football has three possible results, namely a draw, loss or win.

It is in view of this reality that every soccer fan must be prepared for any of the three whenever they go and watch their beloved team.

It should not come as a surprise when one of the three occurs after a football match.

Sunday, Harare will play host to one of the bitterest derbies between Caps United and Dynamos at the National Sports Stadium.

That there is intense competition between certain clubs should not justify thuggish behaviour which brings the game of football into disrepute.

Rivalry is just there to spice up the game and create anxiety which happens all over the world.

In England there is Manchester City and Manchester United while in South Africa there is also intensity when Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs play.

Historically, the Harare derby between Caps and Dynamos has always resulted in chaos and violence.
Therein lies the problem.

Why should people fight over a game that is usually associated with “beauty”?

Its beauty must extend into the terraces where rival fans must interact freely without fighting each other regardless of what will be happening on the pitch.

Weekends are normally for family outings and as such people should be able to come with their children to watch soccer matches without fear of violence, abuse and being denigrated.

There is a tendency by thugs to steal the show during domestic matches where they hurl abuse especially on women and children. The game of soccer belongs to everyone.

We urge those who are going to witness the match between Dynamos and Caps to restrain themselves and allow those on the pitch to entertain people who would have paid their hard-earned cash.

We also applaud the decision to take the match to the National Sports Stadium where there is more space and low chances of rival supporters to clash.

The decisions of match officials must be respected and fans expect the three possibilities for their favourite clubs.

The same can be said of all matches that will follow in future. Let’s safeguard the beauty of this game so that sponsors and fans prefer to be associated with the sport.

Let there be a spirit of fair play at the National Sports and other stadia around the country.

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