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Lucretia: Fashion tips for plus-sized women


No matter what your size, any woman can look beautiful if she knows a few tricks to help her look her best. Plus-sized women are no exception.

A woman’s weight has nothing to do with her beauty. Knowing how to choose the right clothes, the right jewellery, the right make-up, and the right hairstyle can transform any woman into a fashion diva.

When choosing a wardrobe, don’t follow the myth that all women over a size six should be covered in dark colours.

If you look great in dark colours, fine! But don’t sentence yourself to wearing them all the time! However, choosing the same colour in jackets and pants, no matter its hue or shade, can make a woman look slimmer.

If you like khaki pants, and choose a sweater or jacket in the same colour, the solid line of colour all the way down the body creates a line that makes anybody appear slimmer.

You can wear a blouse in a contrasting colour to add that needed bit of drama. Choose those colours that make you shine!

Remember, in choosing clothes think vertical, not horizontal! Bold buttons down the front of a jacket, a long necklace, and vertical stripes are all ways of “thinking vertical”.

These tricks draw the eye up and down, not side to side. Don’t let fashion myths keep you from wearing the colours that make you feel good. When you feel good, you’ll look good!

The one area many women making a huge mistake in dressing is size. If you wear a twenty, don’t try to squeeze into an eighteen. Just because they zip, doesn’t mean they fit.

Pants should drape, not wrinkle tightly across the back of the leg. Skirts should hang without tugging or hugging the underside of the bottom.

Blouses should not gape open at the buttons. No matter what your size, choose clothes that fit. If you have any doubts, ask the opinion of the sales girl as to the fit.

Wearing clothes that are too tight makes you look larger, not smaller.

Finding the right outfit can be hard when you’re a plus-sized woman, but it’s not impossible.

Knowing where to shop, what to look for, and the most flattering shapes and sizes for your body type can greatly improve your chances.

This being said, here is an in-depth look at how to find great plus-size clothes that fit your unique style and personality.

Until next week. Stay fabulous, ladies.


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