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Kingdom intervenes in council salaries


Council workers’ misery of getting their salaries late might be water under the bridge after the local authority entered into an agreement with Kingdom Bank.

Under the deal, all council workers will be getting their salaries on time from the bank which will then recoup the advanced money from the council.

The latest development is expected to provide a solution to the perennial wage wars at Town House where workers have on countless times threatened to down tools over late payment of salaries.

Human resources committee chairperson Panganayi Charumbira confirmed council workers would now be paid on time every month.

“All workers are now being paid by Kingdom Bank after the agreement we had. It’s a good arrangement that helps all the workers who have been complaining. Those that prefer to keep their personal banks are free to transfer their money once they receive it from Kingdom,” he said.

Council workers’ committee chairperson Cosmas Bungu was not immediately available for comment, but NewsDay understands that most workers are happy with the new arrangement.

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