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Theatre veterans return to arena


Having experienced people in theatre like Daves Guzha, Walter Muparutsa and Stephen Chifunyise working on one production is definitely awesome.

Now that the three veteran theatre practioners are involved in a play titled Ten Years From Now that is showing at Theatre in the Park, it does not come as a surprise that the production is a gem.

Complemented with a hugely experienced team of their younger contemporaries that have also seen it all in the arts industry, the trio has given theatre audiences a renowned masterpiece of our time at Theatre in the Park.

Factor in the experience of talented and experienced actors Jasen Mphepo and O’Brien Mudyiwenyama and the ingredients of a classy production are in place.

Chifunyise co-wrote the play with equally talented Raisedon Baya while Guzha co-directed it with award-winning Patience Tayengwa.

On stage are Guzha, Muparutsa, Mphepo and Mudyiwenyama.

The play looks at a pre-supposed Zimbabwe in the next 10 years when every sector of the country has taken a dramatic change for the better.

It envisages a purely democratic country in which rule of law is the order of the day. It brings to the fore an economy that is flourishing and a social set-up that exudes positive facets throughout.

The forecast of the play and the themes pursued are pertinent but above all, the veteran actors have shown that they still have the steam and energy to present a top-drawer production.

While many would have expected a laid-back performance that reflects on the actors’ advanced ages as compared to other recent productions featuring young actors, the veterans just show that they are still the cream of theatre.

Rotating in a number of roles, the four actors take audiences on a journey of comic perceptions of very serious issues.

They all revealed that they count on their experience and the decision to team up came from their deep concern to address serious issues in the political and economic sectors.

“How long can we sit and relax while we see evils happening before us. There is need for someone, regardless of age, to stand up and say something. Art is the best way to tackle such issues,” said Muparutsa.

Guzha revealed that the cumulative life experiences of people involved in this production amounts to more than 300 years, which speaks volumes of the seriousness and effort invested in this play.

“Most of us are advanced in age. We have not been on the stage for a long time, but we thought that our combined efforts in this play would drive serious points about serious issues in our country home. We are calling upon the younger generation to take action and make sure that their dreams are realised,” said Guzha.

Mudyiwenyama said he hopes their forecast in the play would materialise with time.

“We wish to see dramatic turns to events with time. It is our wish that all of you will have achieved things that you cannot dream of today,” he said.

Mphepo is always comical in the play, reminding people of his role as Marcelino in the television series Waiters.

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