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BBA: Confidence confesses she gave up


Confidence Haugen, Big Brother Amplified (BBA) Ghanaian representative who was evicted on Sunday, has thanked Zimbabwe’s representative, Vimbai Mutinhiri, for nominating her for possible eviction claiming that she wanted to leave the house because she could not compete any longer.

In an exclusive interview with NewsDay, Confidence said she was fed up with the house and could not keep up with other housemates.

“I am grateful as Vimbai listened to me and understood when I told her to nominate me. I was tired and I could not talk much any longer as I really don’t like talking. You personally need to be groomed and intelligent enough to say to yourself, ‘I can’t do this anymore’,” said Confidence.

Vimbai had put Confidence up for eviction because she (Confidence) had openly stated that her purpose in the house had been fulfilled and she was praying to go home.

Asked who she thought would win BBA, Confidence said she was putting her money on Vimbai and Weza (Angola) as the BBA potential winners.

“I think Weza and Vimbai have what it takes to win Big Brother. Vimbai is intelligent and now that Weza and I are out of the Heads house, she should be in a better position to rule that house because the other housemates are not threats to her,” said Confidence.

She added that Weza had a good game plan as she was outspoken.

“Weza is outspoken as she tells it as it is. I hope that Africa sees this in her and loves her for who she is. I know she would definitely use the money well if she was to win,” said Confidence.

She added that she was not close to any housemate in the house because she was on her own in the struggle.

She also said when she was evicted she did not want to hug anyone because she did not want them to cry for her as most of them were fake.

Confidence was not popular with other housemates as they thought she was bossy.

Felicia (Malawi) told Big Brother during her first Chat Room session that she was irritated by Confidence and that she would go out of her way to avoid her as she was a control freak.

Confidence also had arguments with Vimbai who had told her that she was meant to behave like their older sister in the house as she was older than them.

Meanwhile Vimbai and Wendall Parson are safe from eviction this Sunday as Danny (Ethiopia), Kim (Zambia), Nic (Kenya), Luclay (South Africa) and Karen (Nigeria) are up.

The live BBA action continues on DStv Channel 198.

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