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Police blitz nets 500 bus owners


Police have arrested more than 500 commuter omnibus owners under their ongoing operation code named “Mapepa Akakwana” aimed at ensuring that vehicles have all required documentation.

The police said they were targeting the owners as it is their responsibility to see to it that their vehicles have the necessary papers.

“We have had 534 commuter omnibus owners arrested. The reason why we are arresting the owners is because they are the ones hiring drivers with inadequate papers, putting people’s lives at risk, hence we target them so that they hire the right people,” said national traffic police spokesperson Inspector Tigere Chigome.

The national traffic police spokesperson said some of the culprits were paying fines while those who failed to do so faced prosecution.

Chigome also warned police officers accepting bribes that they would be dismissed from service.

“We know that even during the operation people will bring the defective cars on the roads anticipating to bribe the police. We have zero tolerance to corruption and whoever (police officer) is caught in the act is going to lose his/her job just for a few dollars.

“So instead of paying the police, the vehicle owners should use that money to repair their vehicles, send drivers for re-tests and even take drivers for medical tests,” he said.

Chigome said as of Monday the national traffic section had impounded 1 076 vehicles which would only be released after their papers were in order.

“We will only release the vehicles when they bring back court receipts and also a driver with all the necessary papers,” he said.

The operation which was launched on June 1 has seen the police arresting 422 drivers operating without licences, 1 141 without medical endorsement, 1 547 without re-tests, 1 026 without defensive driving certificates and 117 under the age of 25 driving.

The operation ends on July 2 and police hope by then, sanity would have returned to Zimbabwe’s roads

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